Discover the secrets of The Bane of Yoto with the first installment in a trilogy of Science-Fantasy novels.

Some say the Arbitrators existed long before the world was born. Others believe their dark powers spun the fabric of time itself. They are mystery. But here is truth: after ages of formless existence, the Arbitrators craved physicality once more. In their search for a worthy body to inhabit, they destroyed the world Ajyin – home of the gentle, blue-fleshed Numah and the combative, carapaced Olokun. But not all was lost. General Vega and his vile Olokun warriors enslaved the remaining Numah. They relocated to Neos, Ajyin's thriving moon. There, under Vega's imperious rule, the Numah toiled to extract minerals for a defensive barrier called the Aegis Shield. It would protect Neos from the Arbitrator's return, the General vowed. However, the Arbitrators' hunger sparked a great fire – a blaze of revenge and revolution that soon found its home in the heart of Yoto, a weak and cowardly Numah. Now Yoto's days of cowardice are over. He is transformed, a powerful and dangerous being beyond Vega's control...

And the Arbitrators' dark presence haunts the world of Numah and Olokun once more...

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An exciting Sci-Fi adventure delivered in a classic Hero's Journey meets wicked new Alien World!

‒ Steve Alten, New York Times and International bestselling author of MEG and DOMAIN

Josh Viola has crafted a gritty genre-mash of science fiction and fantasy, powered by iconic characters, imaginative action, and fate-of-the-world stakes. This is widescreen fiction, people: It's in your face, larger than life, and refuses to be ignored.

‒ JC Hutchins, award-winning author of 7TH SON: DESCENT and PERSONAL EFFECTS: DARK ART

Josh Viola’s debut novel is a science-fantasy epic, overflowing with violence and dark magic, romance and heartbreak, slavery and rebellion, cruelty and redemption. Above all it is the story of the transformation of little Yoto into an enormous creature whose new powers attract the wrath and vengeance of beings who possess the powers of the gods. Go Yoto!

‒ Keith Ferrell, former editor of OMNI MAGAZINE and author of PASSING JUDGMENT

The Bane of Yoto combines hero elements of The Incredible Hulk™ with the alien landscape of Avatar, resulting in a rich storytelling environment that offers unlimited possibilities for video games.

‒ Wyeth Ridgway, President and CEO of LEVIATHAN GAMES

Joshua Viola has launched a mammoth dark-fantasy epic overflowing with monsters, brutal battles and oceans of blood.

‒ Gregory Burkart, FEARnet

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